These documents set out the way in which OLS operates.

ConstitutionLink (PDF)
The central policy of the society, setting out its core aims, how the committee works, how meetings work, and so on.

Membership PolicyLink (PDF)
Sets out how society membership works, and what its costs are.

Conduct and Themes PolicyLink (PDF)
Describes the themes you might expect to find or will never find in OLS games, and the standards of conduct that participants are expected to adhere to.

Health and Safety Policy for LARPLink (PDF)
Covers health and safety in general at OLS events, and specific guidance for LARP such as weapon safety.

Covid Safety Policy for LARPLink (PDF)
Additional health and safety policy regarding COVID-19.

IT PolicyLink (PDF)
Describes the various IT services that OLS manages.

Data Protection PolicyLink (PDF)
How we protect the data of OLS members and event participants.

Disciplinary Actions PolicyLink (PDF)
How disciplinary matters involving members are handled.