Weekly Linear LARP – Planetfall

When: Every Saturday (starting 15th January 2022), meeting from 10:30am for an 11am start, finishing before dark (exact finish time TBC)
Where: Shotover Country Park, Oxford (meeting in the car park, then heading into the woods)
Wear: Shoes/boots suitable for fighting in a forest, and suitable clothing for the weather / season. Costume is entirely optional!
How: Adventures will be advertised on the OLS mailing list and Discord server. Shotover is best reached by car (it’s up a big hill!) – lifts can be easily arranged via Discord.
Current System: Planetfall (click for more details)

The weekly linear LARP is OLS’s central event. Join us in the woods of Shotover Country Park, taking on the role of either a player character or one of their adversaries, in a homebrewed setting and system. Each week features a new, standalone adventure set in the wider setting of the game – by ‘linear’, we mean that each session is an adventure or dungeon crawl with planned encounters, loot, and some sort of end goal for the players. Most encounters will feature combat using LARP-safe foam weapons, based on the rules of the system.

These events run throughout the year on Saturdays. Every week, the GM for the upcoming Saturday will send out an adventure brief on the society mailing list and Discord server. You’ll have the option of playing a character or joining the monster team, who provide all the encounters and NPCs for the player party. Characters gain XP by joining adventures, and can level up and gain new abilities over time.

The current system is Planetfall. Players play stranded explorers in a borderlands space system cut off from the rest of their home. Alone, they must keep alive until rescue can be achieved, and combat the threats – both wrought by themselves and from the planets themselves – on vastly unmapped and inhospitable planets. The first session will take place on Saturday 8th January 2022, and full details about the game can be found on its wiki here: